Dialga And Palkia Lead Year Of Legendary Pokémon With Generation 7 Giveaway

Imran Khan
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The Pokémon Company has declared 2018 the year of legendary Pokémon and is giving away the mythical Pokémon every month, starting with Dialga and Palkia in February. From now until February 28, Pokémon fans can go into Gamestop and snag codes for the two legendaries. Dialga and Palkia graced the covers of the fourth generation of Pokémon games, Diamond and Pearl. Depending on if you have Sun/Ultra Sun or Moon/Ultra moon, you'll get a different legendary from the code. You can check out the movesets for the two you'll get from the codes below. Dialga is only available for Pokémon Moon and Ultra Moon.Moon (Level 60) Ultra Moon (Level 100)Held Item: Gold Bottle Cap Palkia will only be available for Pokémon Sun and Ultra Sun players.Sun (Level 60) Ultra Sun (Level 100)Held Item: Gold Bottle Cap On the Pokémon youtube channel, developers Shigeki Morimoto (Pokémon Battle Director), Kazumasa Iwao (Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Game Director), and Shigeru Ohmori (Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Producer) talk about the creation of the time and space legendaries.. cs_setInnerHtml('video_e692db34-a33d-4165-80dc-7b41d91e48a0','<embed src=\"http://www.youtube.com/v/ylbzDB1JdSc&rel=1\" type=\"application/x-shockwave-flash\" wmode=\"transparent\" width=\"610\" height=\"343\"></embed>'); You have until February 28 to grab the code, so don't dawdle!

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