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We provide a range of easy-to-understand visualizations that explain your AI models for you. Just start with a model or dataset.

The Solution


What is Lacking?

  • Most of us have little visibility and knowledge on how AI systems make the decisions they do

  • Many AI algorithms cannot be examined after-the-fact to gain understanding of how and why a decision was made

  • This is especially true of the most popular algorithms currently in use, specifically, deep learning neural network approaches

  • The lack of explainability and trust hampers our ability to fully trust AI systems


What is XAI?

  • The need to trust these AI based systems with all manner of decision making and predictions is paramount

  • The sorts of decisions and predictions being made by AI-enabled systems is becoming much more profound, and in many cases, critical to life, death, and personal wellness.

  • This is especially true for AI systems used in healthcare, finance, and manufacturing, as well as for customer-driven decisions.


What Solution Answers?

  • Why did the AI system make a specific prediction or decision?

  • Why didn’t the AI system do something else?

  • When did the AI system succeed and when did it fail?

  • When do AI systems give enough confidence in the decision that you can trust it, and how can the AI system correct errors that arise?

About Us

  • Delivers no-code explainable AI visualizations

  • Makes interpretations of AI more accessible to the business user, non-expert or technologist

  • Quickly applies explainable AI algorithms for the non-expert and generates visualizations without having to writing code

  • Technologist can obtain strong baseline to compare their explainable visualizations against

  • Technologist can easily experiment to test new ideas and analyze visualizations

As with any innovation, started with a need. The founders of recognized that Artificial Intelligence has tremendously helped achieve better outcomes in almost all industries, including healthcare, financial, marketing and manufacturing. However, they also realized that AI is not fully being utilized because there is a wide gap in AI algorithms and their creators’ ability to explain the reasons behind the decisions.

Out of this realization, we launched ‘Eleza’ means ‘Illuminate’ in Swahili; and that is our mission. Our sole focus is providing interpretation of AI with Low-Code to the business user, non-expert and technologist. AI is known as a black box for its inability to explain. Our solution is designed to reveal, simplify and explain. Moreover, our interpretations are decoupled from the machine learning or deep learning models.

All that the user needs to do is load the datasets and/or pre-built models to view the visualizations that provide explanations or interpretations in a user-friendly manner.


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